Welcome to Nissin Brake!

Nissin Brake Ohio, Inc. was established by our parent company Nissin Kogyo Co. Ltd. in 1988 as Findlex Corporation in Findlay, Ohio. The company changed its name to Nissin Brake Ohio, Inc. in April 2004 to help promote the world-recognized "Nissin" brand name in North America. Our company is a Tier 1 supplier of brake systems for automotive and non-automotive applications for our primary customers- Honda and Harley-Davidson. Nissin Brake Georgia, Inc. was established in 2000 in Rock Spring, GA to expand our manufacturing base and support our customers.

Nissin Brake Ohio, Inc. has multiple locations and we employ approximately 600 associates in our Findlay manufacturing facility. Our company philosophy is simply stated as: The future of Nissin Brake Ohio, Inc. is through the vision and involvement of our Associates.

Mutual respect
Associate involvement
Associate awareness: open eyes, open mind, open ears